Great beer, great service, and just a really good place and fits the Midtown vibe ! Definitely Going to be back!

- Kyle K (Yelp!)

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$5 16oz Hoffbrau Original or Sierra Nevada Hazy ‘Lil Thing, $7 Corona + Tequila Shot & 2 for 1 Apps!


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BEERS 16 OZ/ 24 OZ / 35 OZ

Schofferhofer GrapefruitThe result of the unique combination of German Heweizen with Grapefruit. A refreshing and well-rounded taste with citrusy character and hints of sweetness. $7 / $9 / $12

Firestone Lager

Made in the classic all-malt Munich Helles style. Gambrinus pilsner malt establishes a crisp, dry base with a soft mouthfeel, while noble German hops provide just a whisper of bitterness. The result is an impossibly smooth and immensely drinkable beer.

$5 / $7 / $12

Firestone 805

A light, refreshing blonde ale with subtle malt sweetness that is balanced by a touch of hops, creating a versatile beer with a clean finish. $6 / $8 / $12

Trumer Pilsner

Characterized by a distinct hop flavor, high carbonation, and light body. A combination of Saaz and Austrian hops. Originally brewed in Austria, and now in Berkely CA. $6 / $8 / $12

Radeberger Pilsner

A honey gold colored lager with subtle hints of vanilla and juniper, that is full-bodied and harmoniously balanced with a slight, bitter hop character. $7 / $9 / $12

Great Basin Deathwish Pale Ale

Locally handcrafted skis meet locally handcrafted beer in this collaboration with Moment Ski Company! This American style pale ale combines sweet caramel and toasty malt flavor with a backbone of tasty hop bitterness and pungent citrus hop aroma. $7 / $9 / $12


Known as Budweiser Budvar in Europe, this lager benefits from over 700 years of brewing experience from the South Bohemia region. Czechvar is a crisp and light bodied , golden lager. $7 / $9 / $12

Ayinger Brau Weiss

Full bodied, yet soft and mild, with a lively, champagne-like sparkle. Traditional and distinct aromas of banana and clove. A classic example from one of Germany’s most recognized and awarded breweries. $7 / $9 / $12

Hofbräu Original

Typical smooth Munich “Helles” Lager. Classic style and highly drinkable. Tasting notes from Beverage Testing Institute: Clean, whole grain toast and clay aromas follow through to a dry medium-to-full body with excellent balance of lightly honeyed malt and astringent citrus and earth accented hops on the finish.

$6 / $8 / $12

Firestone Pivo Pilsner

A classicaly rendered pilsner with a West Coast dry-hopping twist, showcasing stylistic influences from Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic. Offers impeccable balance with floral aromatics, spicy herbal nuances, and bergamot zest and lemongrass notes from dry hopping with German Saphir hops. $7 / $9 / $12

Weihenstephaner Dunkel

A dark wheat beer featuring a fruity-fresh sweetness and hints of mature bananas alongside roasted malt and a light caramel taste. Brewed according to centuries-old tradition, from the world’s oldest brewery. $8 / $12 / $16


Erdinger Weissbier

Brewed in the heart of Bavaria, this German wheat beer shows off a pale blonde body capped by an abundant and creamy white head. A bouquet of banana and clove is also present on the palate, along with more spice and citrus notes.

$7 / $9 / $12

Pigeon Head Black Lager

Light in body, dark in color. This refreshing, traditional German Schwarzbier balances roasted malt flavors with low hop bitterness. Initial roast coffee, chocolate, and a hint of caramel flavors subside to a clean and dry finish. $7 / $9 / $12

Stone Xocoveza

This insanely delicious take on Mexican hot chocolate is crafted with cocoa, coffee, pasilla peppers, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. First brewed in 2014 with San Diego homebrewer Chris Banker after his recipe was named the winner of our annual homebrew competition.

$10 / $14 / $18

Sudwerk Marzen

Choice hops and five different specialty malts are combined to produce this rich, amber and copper-toned lager. Sweeter in flavor than Sudwerk’s other core offerings, the Märzen has a full robust character with a smooth, zen-like finish. $7 / $9 / $12

Deschutes Fresh Squeezed

A mouth wateringly delicious IPA that derives its flavor from the dry hopping of Citra, Munich, and Nugget varieties.

$7 / $9 / $12

Ayinger Celebrator

This malty beer’s origins in a monk’s recipe are reflected in its heartiness. A nearly black beer with reddish tones, possessing aromas of caramel and toasted malts. Complex and perfectly balanced flavor of rich malt, coffee, caramel, and plum.

$12 / $18 / $22

Dogfish Head Flesh and Blood IPA

Brewed with a bounty of real citrus including lemon flesh, blood orange juice plus orange and lemon peel. Flesh & Blood balances resinous hoppy characteristics of an American IPA with the explosive, zesty fruitiness and subtle dry tartness of citrus to deliver a highly quaffable ale that’s incredibly unique.
$7 / $9 / $12

Stella Artois

This sophisticated Belgian beer has a well-balanced flavor profile, pleasantly bitter with a refreshing finish, that makes it extremely versatile and a great pairing for dishes from around the world. Originally brewed for the holidays, Stella Artois is a perfect gift for the beer lover.

$7 / $9 / $12

Sierra Nevada Hazy Lil’ Thing

Some beers need a little polishing to get ready to go out into the world, while others—the hop-heavy, rowdy, crowd-pleasers—should just be left alone. We wanted to share this brewery-only treat with you, so we present this Hazy Little Thing, our unfiltered, unprocessed IPA, straight from the tanks and into the can. $7 / $9 / $12


Weihenstephaner Munich Helles Lager


Anchor Steam $6

Pizza Port Chronic Ale $6

Reissdorf Kölsh $10

Sudwerk Marzen Amber Lager $7

Lost Coast Downtown Brown $6

Guinness Draught $6

Ayinger Ur Weisse $12

Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat $6

Strongbow Artisanal Cider $6

Ace Pineapple Cider $7

Angry Orchard $6

Corona $5

Coors Light $5

Heineken $5

Blue Moon $6

Modelo $6

House Chardonnay $7

House Cabernet $7

House Riesling $7

House Wine Pinot Noir Can $12

House Wine Sauvignon Blanc Can $12

House Wine Rose Bubbles Can $12

House Wine Sangria Can $12

Coppola Chardonnay Diamond Can $12

Coppola Pinto Grigio Diamond 17 Can $12

Coppola Pinot Noir Diamond Can $12

Butter Chardonnay Can $10

Dansk Mjod Vikings Blood

This artisan metheglin-style Danish mead has hibiscus and hops, which give it a soft citrus-like flavor and very floral aroma. Its finish is hoppy-dry, spicy and very warming. Served by the bottle $45


Brauhaus Cocktail

Buffalo trace bourbon, balsamic Demerara, ginger beer & basil $8

Aperol Fritz

Aperol, Gin, St. Germain, lemon juice, lime juice & Demerara $8

The Great Barenknees

Aviation Gin, Barenjager Liqueur, lemon juice & Demerara $10

Lavender Elxyer

Absolute elyx, torani lavender, lemon juice abd demerera. Served up or over. $10

Cherry Limeade Spritz
Sobieski Vodka, Cherry Torani, lime juice and demerera. Served over soda. $10